For over two decades MULTIMIN has been helping farmers get the most out of their livestock.

It is a well balanced supplement designed to improve production, growth and immunity of your cattle (beef and dairy), sheep and Angora goats. Containing the most important trace minerals, MULTIMIN is designed to prevent trace mineral deficiencies and sub-optimal levels. It is administered in one easy injectable formulation that delivers trace minerals quickly and efficiently to the animal’s body via the liver into the bloodstream.

Benefits of MULTIMIN

A healthier herd means a healthier and more profitable business. The benefits of MULTIMIN are compelling and have a notable effect in many different areas.

REPRODUCTION AND FERTILITY: Increase in sperm quality and quantity, improved conception and pregnancy rates, increased embryo survival and better calving or lambing distribution.

HEALTH AND IMMUNITY: Healthier animals with reduced incidence in mastitis (in cows), better milk or colostrum quality, reduction in common periparturient diseases, and increased antibody response following vaccinations.

GROWTH AND PRODUCTION: Improved weight gains and reduced transport-related disadvantages in cattle.

MULTIMIN subcutaneous injection

Administered via subcutaneous injection, MULTIMIN by-passes the digestive system and goes directly to the liver from which it is distributed to the body via the bloodstream.

Orally administered supplementation fails to optimise trace mineral status of animals for the following reasons:

  • The significant variation between feed / supplement intake of individual animals leads to low / variable intake of feed which in turn leads to low / variable intake of trace minerals
  • The presence of antagonists in feed and drinking water reduce absorption into body

MULTIMIN in Beef and Dairy Cattle

Nutrition is recognised as an important and integral component ensuring a successful farming operation. MULTIMIN is a proven TOP UP for your trace mineral supplementation programme and ideal during critical times when there are high requirements for trace minerals.

Find out how to use MULTIMIN to improve the performance in your herd.

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MULTIMIN in Sheep and Angora Goats

Basic dietary requirements are no longer limited to carbohydrates, proteins and fats but now require a balanced mix of trace minerals. A deficiency in trace minerals can impact growth, health and reproduction which affects wool, mohair, milk and meat production.

Trials in sheep and Angora goats show that MULTIMIN can make a significant difference.

Use MULTIMIN in your sheep and Angora goats to enure the optimal level of trace minerals, especially before and during critical events.

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