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Advantages of Using A Digestive Modifier to Ensure Better Protein Absorption

To keep livestock healthy, it is essential to ensure that they get optimal nutritional support. To this end, one cannot ignore the advantages of using a digestive modifier for more efficient utilisation of nutrients. Browse Plus® is a digestive modifier that offers many advantages, especially during dry periods and when grazing quality is poor. During dry spells, the grazing still contains ample nutrients, but it is difficult for the animals to get maximum value from it, because it is not palatable or easily digestible. 

One of the advantages of using a digestive modifier such as Browse Plus® is that the animal’s digestive processes are enhanced, making it easier to digest the grazing and get optimal nutritional value from it. During dry periods, grazing also becomes limited and the animals have no other choice but to supplement their food intake through leaves (browsing).  However, when a grazing animal starts browsing (ingests leaves), its digestive system is negatively affected in several ways.

Negative Effects of Browsing on Plants Rich in Tannins, Hydrolysable Tannins,and Resins

The condensed tannins combine with proteins in the digestive tract to form a combination of protein and tannins. This combination cannot be digested and absorbed by the body. The animal does not get the required protein needed to sustain good health.

Hydrolysable  tannin molecules pass to the liver where they block detoxifying enzymes. 

Another problem with hydrolysable tannins is that their metabolites are potentially toxic. In some instances, the build-up of these metabolites can cause death.

Resins as a form of terpenes, when ingested, interfere with the proteolytic enzymes needed for protein digestion. In the absence of tannins this also interferes with protein absorption.

Because of the interaction of the tannins, hydrolysable tannins, and terpenes, in addition to other chemical interactions, the digestive process is slowed down. The animal loses its appetite and becomes lethargic.

Advantages of using a digestive modifier such as Browse Plus® include:

  • Breaking down of the condensed tannin and protein complex to release protein, which is vital for maintenance and growth.
  • Preventing the absorption of hydrolysable tannins.
  • Modifying the structure of resin, which, in turn, neutralises its effect on proteolytic enzymes.
  • Facilitating the efficient absorption of nutrients.
  • Supply energy to the microbes in the forestomachs thus enhancing digestion

Using a digestive modifier makes the intake of plants high in tannins and resins safer and more beneficial. It also increases the intake of unpalatable plants, by ensuring better and quicker digestion. The animal’s dung becomes softer and is characterised by a greener colour. Such a digestive modifier is also well suited for game  during dry periods.

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