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How Multimin® for Sheep and Goats Supports Healthy Livestock

We provide a scientifically formulated and proven injectable supplement for sheep and angora goats. The supplement is intended as a top-up and should be integrated into the normal supplementation programme.

Most trace-mineral supplements are administered through the feed. However, before critical production phases, it is essential to ensure that the animals receive more trace elements to support fertility, growth, weight gain, and immunity. Prior to such phases, you want controlled supplementation to ensure optimal balance. The once-off injectable Multimin® +Se for sheep and angora goats can be used to ensure that the selected animals get the required additional trace minerals. A deficiency in trace minerals can severely hinder growth, general health, and the reproduction capacity of sheep and angora goats.

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Why Supplement with Injectable Multimin® For Sheep and Goats

The mineral content of feed varies, and some animals may get more than others simply because of eating habits and competition for food. As such, some animals can suffer from deficiencies or sub-optimal levels in manganese, selenium, and zinc. Though these minerals are required only in trace amounts, optimal balance is essential to ensure proper body functioning.

We provide exact guidelines regarding appropriate dosage amounts according to animal size and stage. As such, you have full control over the top-up of trace minerals. We briefly look at the trace minerals as present in our Multimin® for sheep and angora goats, giving you an indication of how the product can benefit your livestock. 

Ewes or Nannies
  • Selenium – improves immunity and growth, in addition to improvement in colostrum quality.
  • Manganese – improves bone and cartilage development, as well as supports fertility.
  • Zinc – improves immunity, prevents foot rot, and improves milk quality, in addition to supporting healthy foetus development.



Rams or Billies
  • Selenium – improves immunity and supports growth.
  • Manganese – supports bone and cartilage development and improves fertility.
  • Zinc – improves immunity, prevents foot rot, and improves sperm quality and count. 


Lambs or Kids
  • Selenium – supports immunity and healthy growth, in addition to preventing white muscle disease.
  • Manganese – supports bone and cartilage development.
  • Zinc – improves appetite and cell division, in addition to strengthening the immune system. 


In areas where a copper deficiency has been established, a product is available that contains copper in addition to the zinc, manganese, and selenium. The product is called Multimin® +Se + Cu for sheep and angora goats and is available through veterinarians.

Make use of our Multimin® for sheep and angora goats as top-up supplement to ensure optimal health of your animals.


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