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The Benefits of Multimin

Multimin is an injectable trace-mineral supplement. It is not intended to replace oral intake of trace minerals in normal feed, but is a top-up before critical production phases. With trace elements important for normal body functioning, it is essential that livestock gets the required amounts.

Deficiencies and sub-optimal levels lead to poor immune systems, deformities, lower sperm count, and higher rates of pregnancy failure. Many diseases are associated with deficiencies in trace minerals.


“Trace” indicates the minute quantities required for optimal functioning. However, during critical production phases, livestock requires more, and this is when the easy-to-administer Multimin injection has several benefits. Oral supplementation is not sufficient during such periods, because trace-element amounts in feeds vary and it is difficult to control how much each animal gets. In a herd, some animals may get enough, but others not. Variable daily intake may cause some animals to suffer from deficiencies or sub-optimal levels during critical production phases.

There is also the issue of antagonists in drinking water and feed affecting optimal bioavailability of trace elements in the animals’ digestive tracts. Such antagonists can take the form of high levels of iron, molybdenum, calcium, and sulphur. Though oral trace-mineral supplementation is essential, it is critical to ensure that controllable supplementation takes place during or preferably just before critical production phases like calving, lambing, weaning, preconditioning, feedlotting, and dry off periods, as well as when the animals must be transported.


Administering Multimin before or during such periods offers the benefit of rapid increases in the trace-mineral balance of the livestock. With various cellular enzyme systems requiring trace minerals for activation, it is essential to ensure sufficient amounts are already in the animal’s body for optimal bone and muscle development, skin and hair formation, foetal development, disease resistance, nervous system maintenance, and fertility. The injections, together with the oral supplements, provide the desired benefits when more trace minerals are needed. We highly recommend following the 2-way approach of normal oral supplements together with the top-up injection for such phases in the livestock’s lives. Administration of Multimin as top-up supplement holds the following benefits:


Improved sperm quality and quantity as well as embryo survival and development for improved pregnancy rates, reduced inter calving/lambing periods, and better lambing/calving distribution.

Health and Immunity

With stronger immune systems, animals can fight off diseases. The supplementation helps to reduce conditions such as periparturient diseases and foot rot. It also improves the colostrum quality and increases antibody response after vaccination.


To maximise profits, it is essential to have healthy animals. Multimin supports healthy weight gains and improves animals’ condition.

Give your livestock the benefits of optimal balance in trace minerals. Supplement orally, but top up during critical 


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