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Tick-borne diseases and the role of the Stockman

Farmers must remain virulent to the early signs of tick-borne diseases in their stock throughout the year, and particularly over the rainy season, as animals left unchecked may very quickly succumb to these life threatening diseases. 

Terralon LA is a modern, long acting oxytetracycline registered for use in cattle, sheep, goats and pigs, specifically targeted for use in animals with Gallsickness (anaplasmosis) and Heartwater.


Thanks to the PVP carrier and unique solvents:

  • Terralon LA goes to work fast ensuring a high blood plasma peak concentration to stop the disease.
  • Complete release of the oxytetracycline from the injection site.
  • With less tissue irritation at the injection site.
  • Giving the Stockman peace of mind that he is giving his animal a quality antibiotic.​

​​​For a disease outbreak, Terralon LA is an ideal solution for treating large numbers of animals, to block the disease and prevent potential mortalities in a susceptible herd / flock.


Terralon LA is an injectable, broad-spectrum, bacteriostatic antibiotic and is available at your local co-op / agri-business, private veterinarian and veterinary wholesaler.

If unsure, of your diagnosis, consult a veterinarian before commencing treatment.        

Contact your local Virbac representative for more information.

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