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Why Top-Up with Multimin for Cattle if you are Already Supplementing Oral Minerals?

The growth and the reproductive and immune health of cattle depend on sufficient and balanced levels of trace elements in their bodies. Our Multimin for cattle is a top-up, injectable trace-element supplement to incorporate in your existing trace-mineral supplementation programme.

With balanced nutrition essential for raising and maintaining healthy cattle, it is important to supplement the baseline intake of trace elements via feed with supplements. Oral supplements are important to sustain the wellbeing of the animals, but there are critical periods in the production phases of cattle, when the animals require higher amounts of trace elements for optimal body functioning.

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The Multimin® +Se+Cu+Cr Cattle product in our range is, for example, an easy-to-administer, injectable trace-element support in the form of a top-up. It provides the animals with zinc, selenium, chromium, copper, and manganese supplementation. Administering the injection prior to breeding, weaning, calving, or induction to feedlots provides the animals with sufficient trace elements for an improvement in their fertility, immunity, and production. The functions of each of the trace minerals in the Multimin supplement for cattle are listed below, giving you an indication as to why the top-up supplementation before critical production phases is so beneficial:

Multimin For Cows:

  • Selenium – necessary for growth, immunity, and improvement in colostrum quality.
  • Copper – improves fertility, in addition to hair growth.
  • Chromium – reduces stress, supports the role of insulin to maximise energy metabolism.
  • Zinc – reduces foot rot, while improving milk quality and supporting the immune system.
  • Manganese – supports proper bone and cartilage development and improves fertility.

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Multimin For Bulls:

  • Selenium – required for growth and immunity.
  • Copper – improves fertility and hair quality, in addition to support libido.
  • Chromium – supports the role of insulin and reduces stress.
  • Zinc – improves sperm count and quality, in addition to immunity support and a reduction in foot rot.
  • Manganese – supports bone and cartilage development and improves fertility.

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Multimin For Calves:

  • Selenium – prevents white muscle disease and supports immunity.
  • Copper – improves hair quality and prevents sway back and reduces diarrhoea.
  • Chromium – supports the role of insulin and reduces stress.
  • Zinc – improves cell division, immunity, and appetite.
  • Manganese – improves bone and cartilage development.


Our Multimin for cattle thus provides the required nutrition to ensure optimal health when the animals require more-than-normal amounts of trace minerals.

Prevent mineral imbalances by supplementing with the top-up when needed, along with the regular supplements. Healthier cattle means higher profits. View our full product range and call on us for assistance in choosing and using the right supplement for particular production phases.


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