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South Africa

Oberdine Spray

Ranges: Supportive Treatment

Species: Cattle, Goats, Horse, Pigs, Sheep

Oberdine Spray picture

Use for the treatment of wounds , cuts, sores, burns, abrasions, shearing wounds and footrot in cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and horses and ringworm in cattle




COMPOSITION: Povidone iodine 10 % m/v, glycerol 5 % m/v.

Dosage and directions for use: Use only as directed.

•Wounds, cuts, sores, burns and abrasions: Wash affected area and spray the whole area from a distance of 15 - 20 cm.

•Dressing: Wash affected area – pour on or apply liberally with brush or cottonwool.

•Footrot in cattle, sheep, goats and pigs: Wash affected area and pare off diseased tissue. Spray or pour on. Where possible, cover with dressing. Treat 1 - 2 times daily.

•Infectious ophthalmia (Rickettsia) and bacterial eye infection: Cattle, sheep, goats and horses can be treated by holding the container 15 - 20 cm away from the eye and by spraying with a gentle stroke directly onto the eye. Repeat twice daily until signs of inflammation are controlled, i.e. lachrymation (tear flow), redness and pain have abated. White discolouration of the cornea will disappear by itself after treatment.

•Ringworm in cattle:  Break or scrub off crusts. Apply twice daily for at least 14 days.

PRESENTATION: Oberdine Wound, Eye and Footrot Spray is available in a 500 ml opaque plastic spray bottle.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in a cool place.


South Africa: G0495 (Act 36/1947)
Namibia: V11/13.2/1084
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