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South Africa

Pro-Dip® Cyp 20 %

Ranges: External Parasiticides

Species: Cattle, Sheep

Pro-Dip® Cyp 20 % picture


The versatile spray and plunge dip for comprehensive ecto-parasite control.   Controls ticks, biting and sucking lice in cattle and aids in the control of nuisance flies and biting flies. Controls Karoo paralysis ticks and sheep scab mite in sheep.  Prevents blowfly strike in sheep.


COMPOSITION: Cypermethrin 20 % m/v.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Use only as directed.  For External use only

PLUNGE-DIPPING:   Cattle and Sheep

Fresh fill (charge):  1:1 000 (1 litre to 1 000 litres water)

Replenish: 1:1 000 (1 litre to 1 000 litres water)

SPRAY RACES:   Cattle:  

Fresh fill (charge):  1:1 000 (1 litres to 1 000 litres water).

Replenish:  1:800 (1 litre to 800 litres water).


Prepare about 5 - 10 litres dipwash per head at 10 ml in 10 L water. Thoroughly wet the animal by spraying from below upwards so that the hair is lifted by the spray. Concentrate on the ears, under the tail and in the brush of the tail


No withdrawal period for meat and milk usage.

PRESENTATION: 100 ml, 1 L, 5 L and 20 L polypropylene bottles.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store at room temperature below 25 °C.


South Africa: G2311 (Act 36/1947)
Namibia: V04/18.3.4/119

Botswana: W130658

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