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South Africa


Ranges: External Parasiticides

Species: Cattle, Sheep

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Cost effective broad spectrum pour-on for external parasite control.  Stopatik controls ticks, house flies, stable flies and face flies on cattle and controls Karoo paralysis and Bontlegged ticks on sheep.





COMPOSITION: Cypermethrin 2 % m/v, piperonyl butoxide 8 % m/v.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use only as directed.  For external use only

Cattle: Apply 10 ml / 100 kg body mass to back midline of cattle being treated.  Application should be done by means of a suitable applicator from the head to the base of the tail. Treat weekly for three weeks. Then treatment may be extended to once every second week, depending on the fly and tick problem.

Table: Cattle:

Body mass (kg)

Dose (ml)














Sheep: Apply the total dose required in 4 equal portions to both axillae and both sides of the groin. Treat at 4 - weekly intervals during the risk period. Use 1 ml per 10 kg body mass for wool sheep where the wool length is less than 25 mm, and 2 ml per 10 kg mass in hair sheep and wool sheep where the wool length is greater than 25 mm.

Table: Wool Sheep

Wool length < 25 mm

1 ml per 10 kg body mass

Wool length > 25 mm

2 ml per 10 kg body mass

Hair sheep

2 ml per 10 kg body mass



Cattle and sheep must not be slaughtered for human consumption within 28 days of last treatment. There is no withdrawal period of milk for human consumption

Presentation: 1 L and 20 L containers.

Registration numbers:

South Africa: G1431 (Act 36/1947)
Namibia: V98/18.3.4/33
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