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Ranges: Flea & Tick Control

Species: Dog

An acaricidal collar for dogs to aid in the controls ticks on dogs for up  to 14 weeks


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Dosage form:  Acaricidal collar for dogs.

Composition:  Amitraz 9 % m/m.

Indications:  Controls ticks on dogs for up to 14 weeks and aids in the control of ticks on dogs from 14 weeks to 24 weeks.

• For external use only.
• Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.
• Although this remedy has been extensively tested under a large variety of conditions, failure thereof may ensue as a result of a wide range of reasons. If this is suspected, seek veterinary advice and notify the registration holder.

• Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling the collar.
• Keep away from food and drink.
• Leave the collar in the sealed sachet until it is required for use.
• Lengths of trimmed collars and used collars should be disposed of safely.
• Do not allow animals to chew the collar.
• Do not pollute lakes or streams with the product or with the empty packaging.
• No other pesticide should be used in conjunction with the collar.
• Do not use on sick or convalescent animals.
• Remove collar if any sign of skin irritation should occur.

Directions for use: 
Use only as directed.

• For external use only.
• Dogs should be 8 weeks of age or older.
• Remove collar from sachet and dispose of empty sachet.
• Fasten the collar around the animal’s neck, adjusting until a comfortable fit is achieved (it should be possible to insert 2 fingers only between the collar and the neck).
• If fitted on a growing animal, remember to loosen as it grows. Cut off and dispose of any excess length.
• For continuous protection, the collar should be replaced every 14 weeks for ticks. The collar should be worn at all times and is unaffected by water and moisture. However, it is recommended to remove it before bathing.

Presentation:  Each unit carton contains one collar packed in a thermo-sealed sachet.

Storage instructions:  Store in a cool place away from light.

Registration number:  G2681 (Act 36/1947).