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Zeramec .... for Maximum profit from weaner calves

Weaner calf producer’s profit comes from selling as many healthy calves as possible, at the highest possible weaning weight and the highest possible price, with  the lowest possible input cost.

“What can producers do to achieve a high weaning weight”?

To achieve maximum results, farmers should pay attention to all the following factors:

  • Breeding:
    Longer term option - the use of bulls that positive breeding values and are suitable or adapted to your production system.
  • Nutrition: 
    Cows must produce enough milk to give the calf a good start. Thereafter, when the calf begins to graze, the quantity and quality of grazing and supplements must be of such value to the calf to reach its growth potential.
  • Health:
    Healthy calves grow better. The intake of high-quality colostrum after the calf is born, lays the foundation of a healthy calf and can’t be emphasized enough. Ensure that the cow’s trace mineral supplementation (MULTIMIN) and an appropriate pre-calving vaccination program is done to provide maximum protection to calves via high-quality colostrum.
  • Parasites:
    Parasite-free calves (internally and externally) make optimal use of available nutrients to maximize growth and ensure the best possible weaning weight.
  • Growth stimulants:
    The use of growth stimulants to increase weaning weight is probably one of the most under-utilized tools available to the weaner calf producer. A summary of international trials indicates a 4% - 8% improvement in weaning weight with the correct use of growth stimulants for suckling calves.

Zeramec - a unique product

Virbac has made the use of growth stimulant technology in calves easier with the development of Zeramec, a unique patented product. 

Zeramec is a combination of a growth stimulant (zeranol) and an anti-parasitic agent (ivermectin) in an injectable formulation.

  • Zeranol is a semi-synthetic form of estrogen which is ideal for use in young, growing calves under grazing conditions. It stimulates the increased secretion of the calf's natural growth hormone and leads to increased skeletal and muscle growth. Available energy is channelled to skeletal and muscle growth rather than fat deposition.


  • Ivermectin is a broad spectrum anti-parasitic agent that effectively controls both internal (roundworms) and external parasites (ticks, lice and mites) for maximum growth.

To get maximum results, Zeramec should be applied at a dose of 1ml / 50kg, no longer than 90 days before the expected date of marketing, to calves that are in a positive growth phase, with sufficient high quality grazing and / or supplementation.

Financial benefits: What can Zeramec offer you?

At a minimal 4% increase in weaning weight, this means an extra 8.8kg with weaning at a normal weaning weight of 220kg. At a weaning calf price of R28/kg, this means an extra net income of R222.84 per calf, with a return on investment of 9: 1 (R9 return for every R1 spent) - and that in just 90 days!

Zeramec is:

  • Easy to use – it’s a subcutaneous injection that does not require special equipment or specially trained workers to apply the product.

  • It's fast - two actions in one (deworming and growth hormone), plus no individual time consuming clamping of calves in the neck clamp.

  • It's effective - it overcomes the problems that can be experienced with traditional implantation, e.g. the formation of abscesses, encapsulation and misalignment / implantation, which may adversely affect its effectiveness. Nationwide trials² have proven Zeramec to be as effective as a zeranol implant and an ivermectin treatment given separately.

For more information on the correct use of Zeramec, contact your Virbac technical sales advisor


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Contact your Virbac Technical Sales Advisor

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