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My dog has a skin infection, what should I do?

Why does my dog have a skin infection?

In atopic dogs, bacteria attach themselves more easily to the surface of their skin. This can lead to infections. On the other hand, some bacterial toxins can exacerbate the allergic reaction. Bacterial infections are most often in the form of red pimples, pustules, crusts or dandruff (dander). Yeasts colonize hot, humid or oily areas of your dog’s body. They multiply and cause redness and itching.

How to treat my dog?

Antiseptic shampoos can be prescribed to accelerate the healing of the lesions. If the lesions are localized, we can sometimes use local antiseptics.

The use of antibiotics is common in the treatment of atopic dogs. It is often primordial and is sometimes long.

Antifungals are drugs that kill fungi and yeasts.

When to treat my dog?

Antiseptics must be applied until the lesions disappear, often alternating with moisturizers or emollients.

Antibiotics and antifungals are often prescribed over long periods (until the complete control of the infection).

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