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Urinary incontinence of the dog

Know how to detect it

Urinary incontinence due to incompetence of the urethral sphincter specifically affects sterilized bitches. The dog urinates in her sleep, often on her sleeping area (basket, cushion, floor…). It is an involuntary act that has nothing to do with uncleanliness.

This can cause stress in bitches that are used to being very clean. During the day, the bitch urinates normally. Urine losses are not systematic and may occur only on certain nights.

The mechanism is still poorly defined, but it happens in bitches whose ovaries have been removed. This is independent of the surgical technique used. The sphincter that closes the bladder becomes incompetent and the bladder opens to let the urine flow.

This happens on average 2.5 years after the date of sterilization. It is usually large bitches (with a weight of over 20kg) that are affected, with a predisposition of certain breeds such as the boxer or Doberman.

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