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Calgophos – Cost-Effective and Mineral Supplementation for Layers, Breeders, and Broilers

Calgophos is a liquid mineral supplementation for layers, breeders, and broilers. It is administered through the drinking water of, for instance, poultry and pigs, specifically to address and minimise the risk of mineral deficiencies in livestock. Calgophos is an effective and easy-to-apply solution for eggshell abnormalities associated with deficiencies in minerals. Such deficiencies can also lead to clinical skeletal problems and as such, it is recommended to regularly administer Calgophos as a cost-effective supplementation that is suitable for layers, breeders, and broilers.

With Calgophos, which is specifically formulated for best absorption of each ingredient in the product, it is possible to accurately address any such mineral deficiencies and thus ensure better eggshell quality and skeletal development. What makes the product exceptionally effective in the supplementation regime for layers, breeders, and broilers is that it also helps to reduce the effects of heatstroke, as well as stress on pigs and poultry. The supplement is furthermore well suited for addressing mineral deficiencies in rabbits, goats, sheep, and cattle. As such, it can be used throughout the farm to help ensure healthier livestock.

A Balanced Ingredient Ratio to Ensure Optimum Supplementation for Layers, Breeders, and Broilers

The product composition includes, amongst other ingredients, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and manganese. It furthermore contains zinc, copper, and cobalt in the correct ratios.

How to Apply Calgophos As Supplementation

If mineral deficiencies are noticed, administer the dosage as indicated on the package insert to the drinking water in layers, breeders, and broilers for a period of three to five days. Be sure to closely adhere to the dosage according to animal type, such as goat, sheep, cattle, etc.

Why Supplementation with Calgophos Is Beneficial

Low reproduction levels mean financial losses for the farmer, and poor-quality eggshells also mean lower marketability of the farmer’s products. With correct supplementation, it is possible to ensure consistency in eggshell quality and skeletal development. Correct mineral balances are essential to ensure healthier animals. When it comes to milk production, healthier cows and goats exhibit fewer instances of mastitis and related problems. The colostrum and milk quality improve, while the antibody response following vaccinations is also better. Correct levels of minerals in the body are needed for optimal growth and skeletal strength. Healthier animals have improved weight gain and stronger bones.

Healthier animals mean more profits for the commercial farmer. Calgophos is the answer to mineral deficiencies. View more details of the product and give us a call, should you need more assistance regarding supplementation suited for layers, breeders, and broilers.

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