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The use of vaccines to prevent disease conditions can be compared to insurance - you don't always need it, but unfortunately you never know when you will need it! So better be prepared and limit losses to preventable diseases.

Losses can be due to deaths, or animals becoming ill and needing treatment. Animals that die are a "dead" loss! Sick animals do not grow as desired and the treatment of sick animals can cost a lot of money. Most treatments include the use of antibiotics, which we should avoid or limit as much as possible. The responsible use of antibiotics has become a global norm. Therefore, disease prevention through the use of vaccines is not only morally the right option, but it also makes financial sense.


Vaccines in Late Pregnancy

Late pregnancy is the last opportunity before calving to administer specific vaccines. This is the ideal opportunity to give vaccines specifically aimed at supporting calf survival after birth, through the transfer of maternal immunity (antibodies) via good quality colostrum. 

Disease conditions that may affect newborn and young calves and can be reduced with vaccination include:

  • Paratyphoid, 

  • E coli, 

  • Rotavirus

  • Coronavirus

  • Multiclostridial vaccine - in more intensive systems

Remember that with so-called "dead" or inactivated vaccines, a booster dose must be administered if used for the first time. After that, it is usually applied once a year - so make sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations closely to ensure the best results.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that the best response with vaccination is obtained when animals are healthy, they receive good nutrition, are in good condition and their trace mineral supplementation is optimal. In a previous article, the importance of nutrition and condition score in late pregnancy was discussed. In a subsequent article, the importance of trace minerals in late pregnancy will be discussed. The latest research points out that the response to vaccines can be improved if they are administered simultaneously with an injectable trace mineral supplement (Multimin®). Therefore, combine the administration of vaccines in late pregnancy as far as possible with the pre-calving Multimin TOP UP.

There is money to be saved and production to be gained by doing things right!




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